Permanent Collections List

2014        Spirits Rising II accepted into the NYC 911 Museum

2014       Wildlife “Quilt Across America,” representing the Textile Center of Minnesota in partnership with the                                          Broadway show “Oklahoma!” Tour and permanent archives MMOA

2016        Houses - Private Collection

2011          Mother Theresa Gifted to Basilica of St Mary's Catholic Church by private collector

2006       Spirit of Aaron - Private Collection

2004       Rainbow Hens - Private Collection

2003     Spirits Rising I, Spirits Rising III Karey Bresenhan, Quilts, Inc

2003        Spirits Rising IV Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano, San Jose, Costa Rica Spirits Rising IV

2002       Pathways Jane Brattain Breast Center, St. Louis Park, MN

2000       What Comes Around, Goes Around Textile History Museum Archives