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Cherrywood Fabrics Quilt Challenges!

Toto!  Drop it!

This was the first Cherrywood Challenge in 2014.

The theme was from the Musical Wicked. 

This quilt earned a "Viewers Choice" ribbon.

Each challenge quilt must be 20 x 20" for ease in displaying and shipping to many venues.

Chosen quilts are displayed in a book and poster.  Other gift items are available for each challenge.

Shining On

PRINCE - 2018 CherryWood Challenge.

Each paisley (representing his hair) took 6-8 hours to complete.  Approximately 15,000 beads were used to complete this piece.  Around 200 hours to complete.   The process was very meditative.  Thanks to Anna at Bobby Bead in Minneapolis for  assisting me with bead choices. 

BOB ROSS 2019 Cherrywood Challenge

"Happy Little Painters!"

Bob Ross's limited color palette was the theme for this challenge. I had lots of ideas but knowing his love of animals, I imagined his creativity influenced nature in many ways!

My quilt won Bob's Choice; the actual Bob Ross Enterprise chose mine as one of their 10 most favorites!

Vincent's French Hen

Van Gogh 2017 Cherrywood Challenge

The chicken was a charcoal sketch from one of Vincent's drawing pads.  I gave it some color and background using colored pencil accents

The Circle of Life

Lion King 2016 Cherrywood Challenge

Hand sketched the animals, fusied and added beads of bone and glass, free motion quilted

MN State Fair Quilts on a Stick

Embellishments  2014   "Stellaton"

My granddaughters photo printed on silk and embellished

with threads, bangles and crystals

My Life as a Quilter 2016

Quilters Can Bake Too  2017

....but who's gonna make us!

Up North 2018    "Minnesota State Bird?"

Have you Ever Seen a Cow Dance?  2019 

Needle felted cow - dressed by "Barnyard Coutierre"

MN Contemporary Quilters

Influences of Mark Rothko 

Houses    (private collection)

This is A Decade of Design 1993-2003 Mystery Quilt for MN Contemporary Quilters Anniversary. Betsy Shannon sketched up the design and sewed the cut pieces of the members who created the blocks.

Philosophical Hens

MCQ Challenge  "Quotes"

"So much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white

chickens" .                         William Carlos Williams

Hail to Thee Minnesota 

MCQ Challenge 

Toured several venues, including a showing at the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis

Futeristic Fish

This quilt was a small group challenge using the fabrics shown. I was stuck on what to make and my granddaughter Ayla suggested these funny fish!

Minnesota Quilters

  Ziggy 2019

Pictorial Category

Judges Recognition Award

MN Quilters Challenge 2019

MN Quilters Challenge 2018

911 Quilts

Spirits Rising II on display at the 911 Museum in NYC

Spirits Rising IV on tour in Costa Rica


Spirits Rising II

Wishes for the World

WFTW This quilt conveys my feelings about the world I imagine and strive to work for.  The message is simple.  Every person on this earth deserves a place to live, food to eat and education, a loving family and an accepting and welcoming community.  As these basics are met, all would share in the gift of each other’s uniqueness and all would join together in the care and respect of our planet.  Then there would be no space or time for hatred

Wishes for the World - Four Corners 

Care for our lakes, streams, clean air, bountiful forests

Healthy food to eat

Care for our creatures on this planet

A place to live, loving family, clothes to wear, an education

Miscellaneous Quilts

2019 For a year my Prince quilt was on display at MSP Airport promoting the Textile Center Concourse E. My niece, MacKenzie Shannon ran into the Exhibit.

Many friends have seen this quilt in their travels. It has been fun hearing from them!  

The Exhibition will come down January 10-20, 2020

"In Honor of Prince" 2016

Commemorating His Purple Reign

A Textural Tribute to Prince

"15 minutes of Fame" 

Andy Warhol 2002

"Sunset Waters" 2017  

A Common Threads Exhibition at the Textile Center of MN

"Childhood" 2018

A Common Threads Exhibition at the Textile Center of MN

One thing you who had secure or happy childhoods should understand about those of us who did not. We who control our feelings, who avoid conflicts at all costs, or seem to seek them. Who are hypersensitive, self-critical, compulsive, workaholic, and above all survivors. We are not that way from perversity, and we cannot just relax and let it go. We’ve learned to cope in ways you never had to.” 
― Piers Anthony with permission.

Dorothy's Not in Kansas Anymore     

         Sirens of the Sea 1999

Birds on a Wire 2018

Persist/Resist 2018

Persist/Resist Closeup

Small Wall Quilts

These small quilts were for sale up at my local coffee shop.  They sold well and leftovers were donated to MN Quilters for their silent auction at a couple of shows. 

The photo quality was a last minute rush job...